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Degreed is the only enterprise learning portal built for learners first.

The world has changed. Your needs have evolved.

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    Learning content has exploded.

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    Informal learning is on the rise and outside your view.

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    HR has to manage many platforms and vendors.

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    Employees must juggle many sources of learning.

How Degreed creates a learning culture.

Manage Content

Thousands of courses and platforms in one place.

Administrators Get:

  • Flexibility to allow employees to learn at will.
  • Simplified way to manage all your employees' learning.

Employees Get:

  • More than 225,000 courses at their fingertips.
  • More than 1,300 learning platforms and providers.


Track all learning,
both formal and informal

Administrators Get:

  • Full view of all employees' learning, not just company mandated
  • Identify talent and employees with cross-functional skills

Employees Get:

  • Leverage their daily learning of articles, videos, books
  • See peers' learning paths to ideate their own
Various people have various skills and education. Degreed facilitates everyones needs.

Customizable Learning Pathways

Encourage Employee
Learning and Development

Administrators Get:

  • Allow departments to create their own learning goals & pathways
  • Nurture a culture of consistent learning in your company

Employees Get:

  • Set personal learning goals
  • Expand their skill sets into new areas of interest
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Design Thinking

Example of progress through Degreed's Design Thinking pathway.


Seamless purchasing of the world's best content

Administrators Get:

  • Purchase and manage thousands of platforms' credits in one place

Employees Get:

  • FlexEd dollars to spend toward any designed learning activity
Mock conversation between employer and employee giving permission to learn.
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“Employers use Degreed to develop their employees and improve the ROI of their L&D budgets by leveraging the world of free and low-cost resources.”

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