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Architecting Skills for the Future of Professional Services

Learning and development varies industry-to-industry, and broad-scope L&D webinars can’t always capture the nuances of your daily wins and challenges. Now, learn from like-minded individuals in your industry sector. Find out how Prosus, a Degreed client and a global professional services company, used collaborative learning and the personal growth of its employees to drive more engagement, productivity, and career mobility—all from learning. You’ll leave with an implementation plan that will help you begin architecting an organization-wide skills-first learning program specific to Professional Services companies.

Prosus is improving everyday life for billions of people through technology. Prosus is a global consumer internet group and one of the largest technology investors and operators in the world.

In this 60-minute on-demand webinar, take an inside look at the L&D practices and strategies of another company in your sphere of expertise. You’ll take-away:

  • What Prosus discovered about collaborative learning in their organizations
  • How learning helped them move toward their mission of improving everyday life for billions of people through technology
  • An implementation plan for architecting skills-first learning programs specific to Professional Services companies like yours.

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About your speakers

Bartosz Zieleznik

Bartosz Zieleźnik

Head of Digital Learning at Prosus Group

Bartosz Zieleźnik is an experienced professional in the learning and development sector. Bartosz has established a strong track record in delivering large-scale, impactful L&D projects. His expertise comes from fintech and project management, where he has demonstrated his ability to align learning initiatives with business goals effectively. As a seasoned business owner, Bartosz understands the nuances of corporate training and development, making him a proficient facilitator and trainer. His approach combines strategic planning with practical implementation, ensuring that L&D initiatives not only align with but also drive business outcomes.

Analisa Ponce Saer

Analisa Ponce Saer

Digital Learning Director at Prosus Group

With over 20 years of experience, Analisa started as an English teacher and counsellor before moving to the corporate world with a passion for adult education. At the United Nations in New York, she pioneered digital learning solutions for staff deployed in peacekeeping missions, broadening her global perspective. At Accenture, she oversaw major enterprise system implementation projects across various sectors, ensuring comprehensive training in technology and behaviour to facilitate smooth transitions. Now at Prosus Group, Analisa consults with group companies, developing impactful digital learning strategies to help individuals and organisations thrive in today's evolving educational landscape.

Rajesh Elangovan

Rajesh Elangovan

Program Director and Global Learning Experience Lead at Prosus Group

Rajesh Elangovan, an accomplished L&D professional, brings over a decade of experience in creating and executing strategic initiatives. He has a strong background in learning consulting and is proficient in developing L&D processes and implementing learning impact models in large organizations. With a history of working with prestigious organizations, Rajesh has built globalized learning implementation practices, standardized learning solutions, and championed onboarding initiatives. Currently at Prosus Group, Rajesh focuses on performance consulting for group companies, designing digital learning strategies, and measuring learning impact. His role is pivotal in driving the learning culture forward, ensuring that learning interventions are not only effective but also aligned with the overarching goals of the organization.

Annee Bayeux

Annee Bayeux

Chief Learning Strategist at Degreed

Annee has 20+ years in L&D, M&A, Talent, and HR Technologies with Global 2000 companies such as Bosch Automotive, Alstom, General Electric, and Danone. She has led learning design and shared services organizations, including building group-level HR centers of expertise around design, digital transformation, and HR technology. She has held HR leadership roles in L&D as the CLO of Danone and head of HR Process & Tools at GE. Obsessed with innovation and how new technology impacts society, she now prefers to spend her time evangelizing about the Future of Work and “smart work culture” to anyone who will listen. She is secretly afraid of robots taking over the world while (ironically) awaiting singularity with impatience.