Buyer’s Guide to Talent Development Technology (On Demand)

ATD data says nearly 52% of workers’ skill sets don’t match their companies’ markets, strategies, goals, or business models. This skill gap is something that over half of CEOs tell PWC is limiting their companies from innovating effectively.

While there are many solutions on the market, the reality is that most people analytics systems are isolated. They rarely work together or interact to share data, which means they typically don’t provide a complete picture of skills (or skills gaps) within the company as a whole. In short, the data around upskilling is incomplete and without these accurate insights, HR and business leaders can’t effectively support learning, business, or hiring initiatives. 

We wrote our Buyer’s Guide to Talent Development Technology to help you identify the gaps in your upskilling and business models, and select the right technology solution to drive your business forward.

This webinar is intended to:

  • Cut through the noise and jargon of the talent development tech marketplace
  • Help identify gaps in the reader’s talent, upskilling, and reskilling strategies
  • Aid in selecting the right technological solution to close those skill gaps
  • Communicate the value of the reader’s chosen solution to key business stakeholders


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Sarah Danzl, Head of Communications, Degreed

Sarah has been actively involved in the learning space for 9 years, leading marketing and communications efforts in both corporate and startup capacities. She currently leads the Enterprise Communications and Content Development efforts on Degreed’s Product Marketing Team. Prior to Degreed, Sarah served as the Senior Customer Marketing Manager at Xyleme where she worked closely with Fortune 500 clients to market their learning success and grow their comprehensive author/delivery solutions. When she’s not developing new content, she can be found experimenting with new recipes or walking her two blockheads at the base of the Rockies in Boulder with her husband.

"Degreed has uniquely built its own technology category from the ground up and it is a hot one. They have also provided a blueprint for what best-in-class looks like as a product and a company."

Michael Rochell

Brandon Hall Group Chief Strategy Officer and Principal HCM Analyst