Stepping Up to the Plate

Don’t play catch-up. Play ball.

In today’s business environment, companies are experiencing disruptive change driven by employee behaviors and digital technologies. Priorities for business leaders have switched to agility and innovation. L&D laggards will have difficulty attracting, engaging, and retaining the right talent to help their organization succeed as employees understand that “the learning curve is the earning curve.”

Updating your learning ecosystem doesn’t need to be as dramatic as rip and replace — the beauty of interoperable, integrating systems is that they can be added or replaced as organizational goals and strategy dictate.

A step-by-step approach toward the future learning ecosystem will ensure that your company’s learning programs stay ahead of the curve and take you toward that corporate learning nirvana.

Degreed is an award-winning learning platform that integrates your internal talent systems with millions of paid and open resources from thousands of sources. So you and your people can curate, personalize, share, and track it all — however and wherever you learn.

Stop managing. Start empowering.

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