Degreed Unboxed:

Making Education Benefits Work

Degreed Unboxed is a monthly webinar series where we explore new parts of our product to help you unlock the full power of L&D across your business.

In this session we're exploring Degreed Education Benefits!

Think tuition reimbursement, only better. More equitable, accessible, and trackable.

Degreed's Education Benefit is a prepaid learning benefit that enables your employees to find, fund, and facilitate learning opportunities for every phase of their career journey.

What You'll Takeaway:

  • How to create a learning culture on a budget
  • Aligning employee learning to business goals
  • How to make learning equitable





About your speaker

Ashley Gammie

Ashley Gammie

Director of CX, Education Benefits at Degreed

Ashley Gammie is a seasoned professional with a successful track record of leveraging technology to achieve business outcomes and solve complex problems. With over a decade of experience in Client Experience across various industries, including FinTech and MarTech. Ashley joined the EdTech space in 2019 as the leader of programs to scale CX strategy, develop professional services, and enhance collaboration for the Degreed revenue team.

Currently, Ashley serves as the Director of Client Experience for Degreed Education Benefits, where she continues to drive innovative and effective strategies for clients.

Beyond her work, Ashley is a lifelong learner who enjoys expanding her knowledge and skills, including learning French and playing the fiddle on weekends. She also loves hiking in the beautiful outdoors of Boulder, Colorado, where she currently resides with her husband and three children.




"Launching Degreed learning stipends was so easy — the smoothest launch we’ve had in the past two-and-a-half years. And fast! We were able to roll it out to every employee in just a few weeks. Now everyone has access to the funds and resources to upskill whenever they need it."

 - Employee Experience Manager at Florence