Degreed Unboxed:

Enhancing Employee Experience and Engagement

Learn more about using Degreed to meet essential operational requirements via unified training and professional development opportunities. Ensuring your employees, suppliers, and partners are fully trained, skilled, and up to speed with your organization’s standards and regulatory requirements can be surprisingly simple. 

We’ll show you how you can use Degreed to:

  • Set business rules to automate required training and skilling
  • Embrace AI recommendations to engage and retain employees
  • Strengthen skills in the flow of work
  • Respond to change and business disruptions

Degreed Unboxed is a webinar series where we explore new parts of our product to help you unlock the full power of L&D across your business.

Degreed Unboxed Employee Engagement




About your speaker

Ed Spizzirri

Ed Spizzirri

Senior Architect, Global Business Solutions at Degreed

Edward “Ed” Spizzirri has been involved in the world of learning technology since 2002. Working on the Degreed Global Business Solutions team, Ed provides vision planning, solution matching, and systems architecture to both large and small clients alike.

Ed joined Degreed after working in the same capacity at just one company all those years… what started as a small, one product Learning Content Management System (LCMS) company grew into a multiproduct global firm specializing in all aspects of corporate learning and development. Ed helped architect the first “social LMS” and enjoyed traveling the world deploying the suite. Soon enough though, the big fish came around and IBM acquired the product suite, Ed included. He decided to hang up the blue suit and come to Degreed where, to quote Ed, “Degreed provides what all other L&D systems only wish they could offer.

When not affecting change in the world of corporate learning and development, you will find Ed sailing and riding his motorcycle.




“The learner experience has improved dramatically. Degreed has been a game-changer for the company.”

 - Molly Nagler, Chief Learning Officer, PepsiCo