Personalizing Onboarding to Jumpstart Employee Productivity

Onboarding is your employees’ first impression. It sets the tone for the rest of their journey at your organization. So, make it great — thorough and quick! The Degreed onboarding capabilities have been proven to speed up onboarding and employee time-to-productivity, sometimes cutting ramp-up time in half.

Find out how to take your first step toward an ideal learning culture as you join us for this version of Degreed Unboxed. We’ll show you how you can use Degreed to:

  • Create large-scale company learning programs
  • Leverage targeted, role-based content dissemination
  • Personalize training and onboarding to maximize engagement and relevance

Degreed Unboxed is a bi-monthly webinar series where we explore new parts of our product to help you unlock the full power of L&D across your business.





About your speaker

Casey Adams

Casey Adams

VP, Global Business Solutions at Degreed

Casey Adams has been on the leading edge of learning strategy, technology implementation and operational solutions for the past 15 years. Casey leads the Global Business Solutions team serving Degreed’s global enterprise clients in Canada, US and LATM with a key focus on learning strategy, change management and program implementation. 




“There has been a noticeable increase in our onboarding welcome event. We always used to bring people to our London HQ to show them around, which can be a bit scary. Our drop-out rate was probably about 50 percent. But now, doing it virtually, the attendance rate has been 100 percent, which really shows that making things easily accessible for people is the right way to go.”

 - Jodie Lowe, Senior Learning and Development Partner at Moneysupermarket