Taking Skills to the Bank

A Smarter Strategy for Reskilling

Anonymized Financial Institution + Degreed

In response to technological developments and the changing world of work, businesses in nearly every industry are facing these two challenges: building high-demand skills at scale and reskilling workers whose jobs are becoming obsolete. 

This major U.S. financial institution has managed to find one solution for both. Instead of building a talent pipeline, executives built a reskilling program to promote internal mobility, increase diversity and inclusion efforts, and close the organization’s skill gaps. 

Download our latest skills case study to learn how this financial institution used Degreed to:

  • Increase its program participants’ digital knowledge and skills by 20%
  • Create reskilling tracks for digital product management, front-end web development, data analytics, and cyber security skills
  • Build a cost-effective and scalable internal mobility model serving in-demand jobs

Download the Case Study