The way businesses develop their talent has changed.

It’s time to reboot the tech that drives people’s skills.

ATD data says nearly 52% of workers’ skill sets don’t match their companies’ markets, strategies, goals, or business models. That’s why two of every three talent development leaders are looking for new solutions to transform their people’s skills and their organizations.

But the marketplace has gotten noisy—very noisy. There are over 1,000 systems and tools out there, offering similar or even conflicting messaging and capabilities. 

This guide is meant to help you cut through the noise of the marketplace as you make decisions about your talent development technology investments, from initial research to communicating its value in business terms.

It is not a sales pitch. It’s an original analysis, featuring fresh insights from our work with some of the most progressive executives at some of the most innovative organizations in the world.

Download our guide to:

  • Gain a better understanding of talent and upskilling software in the marketplace
  • Learn about our experts’ five rules of thumb for selecting a supplier
  • Get tips from the most innovative organizations on how to vet, select, and implement solutions
  • Build a business case for learning technology

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