Creating a DEIB Culture:

The Skills Every Employee Needs

The Skills Your Organization Needs to Achieve Your Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB) Goals

Has your organization set DEIB goals that you're unsure how to reach? You're not alone. For example, unconscious bias training is popular, but many organizations feel it doesn't drive the change they’re seeking. A skills-based approach that considers additional challenges from Covid, social unrest, and remote work is essential.

We partnered with RedThread to show you what a skills-based approach to DEIB looks like and how it can drive business impact. 

Based on extensive interviews and a survey with over 1000 participants, it's clear that if people have proficiency in specific skills like assertiveness and calculated risk-taking — and activate those skills in their work — they’ll create a more inclusive environment.

Here’s a teaser: organizations that foster DEIB are 81% more likely to have higher customer satisfaction and 45% more likely to retain their employees.

Sound like the change your business needs? 

Get the report today and start accomplishing your DEIB goals with a skill-based approach.



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