Make Learning
A Benefit

Introducing FlexED by Degreed,
the world’s first flexible spending account for learning.

FlexED by Degreed

FlexED Puts Learning In Your Employees’ Hands.

By far, most employees say they can be more effective at work with self-directed learning. FlexED by Degreed empowers your employees with the tools and resources they want to fuel their own careers.

Do more of what you were hired to do.

More Learning For Your Team.
More Impact For You.

More Insight

Get visibility into what your employees are learning outside the LMS and beyond L&D.

Save Time

Speed up the reimbursement process for learning. Reduce process and paperwork.

Increase ROI

Leverage free and low-cost resources while shifting fixed L&D costs to variable ones.

The Data

79% of employee's learning comes from outside L&D
75% of employees spent their own money on career-related learning
$339 is the average amount spent out-of-pocket on career-related learning
Source: Degreed, How the Workforce Learns in 2016, 3/2016

FlexED: This changes everything.

Autonomy. Options. Engagement. Oh My.

More Autonomy

Give your employees what they really want: tools to drive their own learning.

More Options

Degreed has cataloged 250,000+ courses and 3+ million informal learning activities from thousands of sources.

More Engagement

Access to the best, most modern and most relevant learning resources outside your LMS.

Here are just a few of the thousands of content providers FlexED can be used with:

  • Meetup
  • MOOCs
  • Conferences
  • Live
  • Videos
  • Media
  • Books
  • Audio
  • Webinars
  • Online

How FlexED Works

Powerfully Simple Learning

FlexED is designed to easily manage your team's learning spend. Here's how:

  1. Fund as much — or as little — as you like each month
  2. Restrict spending to certain categories such as books, courses, and conferences
  3. Use it anywhere Mastercard is accepted
  4. Employees can easily track their FlexED balance in their Degreed profile
  5. Manage spending with the Degreed FlexED app
  • FlexED Mobile App - Featured Screen #1
  • FlexED Mobile App - Featured Screen #2
  • FlexED Mobile App - Featured Screen #3

Empowering employee learning is the next big movement in L&D.
Embrace it and thrive.