How the Workforce Learns: Four Keys to Business Impact

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Knowing how your workforce learns is the real secret to developing an effective, impactful L&D strategy that drives real results across your organization. Our fourth edition of How the Workforce Learns focuses on creating measurable impact through learning — from increased employee engagement to better efficiency and business outcomes.

Now, the trick is to take what you discovered from How the Workforce Learns and apply it across your organization in a meaningful way. We can help. Take a deep dive into the report results with Steve Boucher, Director of Strategic Advisory and Solutions at Degreed, so you can uncover the practical application of these findings. In addition to exploring what motivates your employees to learn, discover:

  • How to leverage employee motivation to enhance performance
  • How your learning may not be as accessible as it seems (and how to fix it)
  • How to add more diverse and social learning opportunities to your strategy
  • How unlocking access, motivation, variety and collaboration can be your keys to business success

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Steve Boucher, Director of Strategic Advisory and Solutions at Degreed

Steve is a learning futurist and technology evangelist with a passion for innovation. He helps connect learners to the content, people, and experiences that matter most to them. Steve is a next-practice ideator and master problem solver who partners with organizations to achieve success through learning and talent solutions.

With seven years of practitioner experience as the leader and architect of Mastercard’s learning ecosystem, Steve joined Degreed to help other companies solve their business challenges through the combination of technology and strategy.

2023 looks to be a year of L&D rebound, and an opportunity to employ new modalities, technologies and strategies to bind the learning function closer than ever to strategic business outcomes.

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