On demand: Designing a Great Learning Experience


Learning is happening all the time from a variety of sources, and the most successful learning organizations are adjusting their strategy and approaches, balancing content, experiences and application. In a popular new TED Talk,  The best career path isn’t always a straight line, career consultants Sarah Ellis and Helen Tupper introduce the metaphor of the career “squiggly line”.  Charting a path for the learning strategy of the future, they make a case for losing the outdated metaphor of a career ladder in favor of a more flexible, agile, “squiggly” career driven by an individual’s own passions, interests and goals.

 In this webinar you will learn:
  • How to create a learning culture that encourages self-directed learning
  • How can leaders create the right environments and foster experiences that put employees at the center of the learning universe
  • Tips on how to infuse learning into the flow of work
  • What is the role of technology in enabling the shift?

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About Your Speakers


Kayla Nalven, Director of Content Experience, TED@Work at TED.

Kayla oversees content strategy and content creation for TED@Work. Prior to joining TED, she worked on the Content team at Sesame Street developing topic-specific, multimedia initiatives targeted to parents and preschool providers. She holds a B.A. from UC Berkeley and a Masters in Cognitive Science in Education from Teachers College, Columbia University.


Annee Bayeux, Chief Learning Strategist, Degreed

Annee has 20+ years in L&D, M&A, Talent and HR Technologies with Global 2000 companies such as Bosch Automotive, Alstom, General Electric and Danone. She has led learning design and share services organizations including building group-level HR centers of expertise around design, digital transformation and HR technology. She has held HR leadership roles in L&D as the CLO of Danone and head of HR Process & Tools at GE and most recently was the Chief Learning Strategist at EdCast. Obsessed with innovation and new technology impacts on society, she now prefers to spend her time evangelising about the Future of Work and “smart work culture” to anyone who will listen.
"Degreed has uniquely built its own technology category from the ground up and it is a hot one. They have also provided a blueprint for what best-in-class looks like as a product and a company."

Michael Rochell

Brandon Hall Group Chief Strategy Officer and Principal HCM Analyst