Do I need an LXP, LMS, or Neither? (On Demand)

It feels like every day, new learning and talent acronyms are formed, and their definitions seem to morph depending on who's defining them.

According to a recent study by RedThread Research, there are over 250 learning technology vendors in the marketplace today. LMS, LXP, HCM, skills strategy, knowledge cloud — but what do these terms really mean? And which one do you need at your org? It’s enough to make even a seasoned Talent, HR or IT professional feel overwhelmed.

Join us for a clarifying session that will explore:
The value proposition for each core technology
How they can work together to provide a complete learning solution for enterprise companies.
The old and new functionalities you should target as you build your ecosystem

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About Your Speakers


Darren Nerland, Learning Strategist, Degreed,

Darren Nerland is a Learning Strategist at Degreed. He works on disruptive, innovative, and emergent digital learning technologies and methodologies. He aligned key leaders and stakeholders on the implementation of learning initiatives for the enterprise. He is an expert technologist with a demonstrable track record of bringing complex learning systems from requirements through design into scalable production. His experience includes working at the executive level to determine how training strategies and awareness can affect and sustain positive behavioral change. He is an accomplished and dynamic leader with strong global learning strategy and measurement experience.

Waller Suzanne Picture 1

Suzanne Waller, Learning Associate, Degreed

Suzy Waller is a Learning Associate at Degreed where she blends her background in learning and development with her passion for research and curation. She curates custom learning experiences grounded in data and science to meet learner and business needs. She works with L&D Teams and business units across organizations to leverage learner-centered design principles and shift the mindset on learning.

"Degreed has uniquely built its own technology category from the ground up and it is a hot one. They have also provided a blueprint for what best-in-class looks like as a product and a company."

Michael Rochell

Brandon Hall Group Chief Strategy Officer and Principal HCM Analyst