A Better Way: Using Learning Tech to Your Advantage

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So many technologies, so much confusion, so little time. When it comes to shopping for a new technology platform, there are two prevailing thoughts:

  1. Find a “jack of all trades” technology that bundles the most amount of work or task capabilities inside its platform as possible;
  2. Find a laser-focused, niche technology that does one thing but does it better than anyone else.

But over the years, these two extremes have made it clear that neither option is ideal, often sacrificing a combination of quality, user experience or interoperability. 

In this on-demand webinar, we’ll reframe that thinking and explore the benefits of using purpose-built, open, integration-friendly learning technologies to your advantage. We’re in an interconnected world and trying to minimize the use of different platforms just for the sake of having less is old-school. Instead, cultivating better connections between the best platforms so your user experience is always optimal and efficient. 

Watch now to find out how to:
•    Leverage the use of plug-and-play technology
•    Make your learning technology stack more effective
•    Find the best tech partnerships for your business
•    Cultivate a tech ecosystem designed for natural growth

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About Your Speaker

Dan Carlson

Dan Carlson, Senior Manager of Ecosystem Insights at Degreed

Dan Carlson is a learning technologies professional with over 20 years experience evaluating technological capabilities and creating optimal user experiences. In his current role at Degreed, Dan provides guidance to multiple departments shaping how the company understands and integrates technology to achieve major business outcomes. His entrepreneurial spirit and insatiable curiosity position him to help organizations optimize their understanding and use of their various technological solutions. 

He also served 10 years in the United States Air Force Security Forces where he became an expert at solving complex problems, while keeping himself and others alive in the process.

Dan holds an M.Ed. in Educational Technology from the University of Texas, a B.S.O.E. in Criminal Administration, and two Associates degrees: one in Criminal Justice and another in Applied Science, Instructor of Technology and Military Science.

"The future of enterprise technology is rooted in ecosystems. Long gone are the days when vendors could operate in silos. My hope is that more companies will lean into openness. It doesn’t just deliver better solutions for customers, it also opens up previously untapped opportunities for them."

Jeff Gallino

Forbes Technology Council Member and CTO & Founder at Callminer