Give your people centralized, personal learning

Degreed Learning Experience promotes priority resources to build the exact skills you need

Enable your people to build the right skills with a skills profile that they own, learning opportunities tailored to their goals and interests, and content curated (from millions of resources) to boost learning in the flow of work. Then showcase all their completed learning in an up-to-date record that travels with them throughout their career.

With Degreed Learning Experience you benefit from:

  • Adaptable learning and development that suits each individual
  • Promoting priority resources to build the exact skills you need
  • Encouraging peer sharing
  • Deeper understanding of the content and culture that’s driving learning
  • Easy integration, with all internal and external learning resources in one place
  • Higher productivity and performance

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Why Degreed?

Invest in upskilling and reskilling your workforce. Degreed integrates all your learning management, talent development, and internal mobility opportunities with insights on the skills your business needs. And we do it all in one simple, fluid, skill-building learning experience platform powered by your very own people — so you can transform from within. 

To date, we’ve helped over 6 million people at nearly 300 global organizations build the skills they need to succeed.  

Learning should work for the workforce


Personalized Feed

Engage everyone with a simple, personalized hub to organize all their learning.


Focus Skills and Self Ratings

Stimulate reflection and benchmark skills to inspire and propel development.


On-the-job experiences

Upskill on-the-job through projects, stretch assignments, or mentors.

Guide your people to purpose and plans

Our learning experience platform (LXP) integrates everything your workforce uses to learn and grow, all in one simple app — courses, videos, books, articles, podcasts, and even projects, peers, mentors, and managers. Then we use insights on each individual’s skills and growth opportunities to nudge them toward the learning that matters most, every day.

  • Skill I/O Easily integrate and synchronize skill taxonomies, ontologies, and competencies.
  • Skill Graph Dynamically map your people, content, and experiences to topics, skills, and roles.
  • Pathways, Plans & Directories Blend content, people, experiences, and assessments into curated learning journeys.

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Integrations Made Easy -What if everything your people use to learn and grow was connected?

Degreed has dozens of one-click integrations, a growing set of APIs, and a whole team of integration experts. That means you can easily connect all the content, apps, and data your workforce needs to learn in-demand skills and take on new challenges — and adapt fast when your priorities shift. Notable integrations include:

  • AWS
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • Workday
  • TED@Work
"Such an exhaustive learning platform — absolute treasure for learners."

Srilatha Gollapalli

PepsiCo Associate Director Financial Planning & Analysis

Don't just take it from us...

See how Fifth Third Bank uses the Degreed learning experience platform (LXP) to make learning social and accessible, support strategic initiatives, benchmark the progress of L&D programs and build employee engagement over time. Learn how Degreed helps the bank:

  • Make learning social and accessible
  • Support strategic initiatives
  • Benchmark the progress of L&D programs
  • Build engagement over time

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