Tailor training with the LMS; curate learning resources with the LXP. Combine LearnUpon and Degreed to power your peoples’ success and prepare your business for tomorrow.

Deliver a future-focused learning experience for your people and your business. Here’s how.

  • A seamless integration. Built-in collaboration with users in mind, LearnUpon and Degreed’s direct integration means your organization has one, powerful place where learning happens.
  • Streamline how learning is managed. Simple, scalable, and automated. With your solutions in sync, spend less time micromanaging learning and invest in the important stuff - designing a high-impact strategy.
  • Offer more than learning, offer an experience. Unlock more opportunities for your employees to upskill, develop, and be their best by creating a dynamic, accessible, and engaging experience.
  • A united team by your side. Industry-leading experts with rich product knowledge, LearnUpon and Degreed’s teams work with you to deliver a specialized customer experience for your implementation and beyond.

Talk With a LearnUpon + Degreed Expert

Two Powerful Solutions. One United Learning Ecosystem.

LearnUpon and Degreed have allowed us to focus on strategic workforce learning. Collaboratively working with their teams, we’ve been able to set and reach goals that impact our learners and our organization.”

Brooke Sheldon

Program Manager at North Wind Group