A Visionary View

Asking Our Award-Winners Anything

Every great learning professional hopes that someday their L&D program could be award-winning. In this 40-minute AMA, Degreed Vice President of Customer Success, Michelle Vock Laboy, sits down with our 2024 Degreed Visionary Award Winners in a tell-all discussion. This is a great session to uncover fresh ideas, advice, and tried-and-true processes from innovative organizations.





About our winners

BNY Mellon

Learning Technology Launch of the Year

BNY Mellon

Judges awarded the Gold award based on BNY Mellon’s significant cost savings through content optimization via Degreed, and the number of active learners the platform attracted in the 48 hours post-launch.


Learning Innovator of the Year


Exness was awarded Gold due to its impressive number of skill ratings and consistent skills taxonomy usage. Enabling it to advance its skills-first learning and internal mobility strategies.


Learning Marketer of the Year


Innovapost is being recognized with the Gold award thanks to high employee engagement with their personal skills profiles, averaging 16 skills per learner across the company. This lays a strong foundation for future skills-first approaches in learning, internal mobility, promotion, and more.

TD Bank

Business Performance Program of the Year

TD Bank

Judges were impressed with TD Bank’s ‘build once for many’ approach in developing and deploying learning resources, enabling the company to create a more scalable and cost-effective way of upskilling its 104,000 employees.