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Aligning the Org Around Technology Decisions with Amanda Nolen from NilesNolen

Price isn't the only criteria to consider when you're picking a technology vendor. It's great to get a good deal, but ultimately you need your chosen solution to actually be a solution, no matter what the cost. Join analyst Amanda Nolen of NilesNolen, to find out what really matters — like thoroughly identifying the problem you're looking to solve, gathering your requirements clarifying around your goals, creating a business case to communicate the value of your preferred vendors, and more.


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Amanda Nolen, Co-founder, NilesNolen

A geek at heart, I'm passionate about learning... and using technology to take people to a whole new level!

I help organizations boost performance and business results through the right mix of best-in-class technology, content strategy, a new operating model, stakeholder management and the right L&D skillsets.

When it comes to business development I take a highly consultative approach, with a knack for identifying opportunities and building strong C-level partnerships. I then work with stakeholders to ensure they have the strategy, resources and buy-in required to bring complex projects to life.

Born in the US but based in Europe for two decades, I'm used to working on global projects and am 100% fluent in Spanish (including tapas and wine!).

“Learning, to me, is really the currency of the future. . . We didn't just want our people to be able to do the things that they needed to do to get through today. We wanted them to be able to do things to create the future.