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Learning & Skill Challenges on Your Mind with Hans Ramaker from Signify & Rolf Goetzke from Bayer

This session will cover what their organizations have done to successfully implement learning, increase adoption, and boost skills. 


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Hans Ramaker_Signify

Hans Ramaker, Senior Director Learning Innovation and Technology, Signify

Hans Ramaker joined Signify (Philips Lighting) as Senior Director - Learning innovations and technology after several years of learning experience at Toshiba medical systems and Philips Healthcare. Hans is responsible for introducing and implementing new learning technologies within Signify to make learning more efficient and reduce the overall costs of training. He is also responsible for the Performance support structure within the Signify Organization. He initiated the monthly Learning Innovations meetings for Philips staff and Learning innovation events for external learning professionals. He implemented Communities of Practice and Performance support solutions to align learning to the speed of the business and deliver knowledge at the moment of need to boost Skills development.

Rolf Götzke_Bayer

Rolf Götzke, Global Process Owner - Learning & Training / IT Project Manager, Bayer

Rolf Gotzke is the Global Process Owner for Learning & Training and IT project manager for Bayer. He has been with Bayer for over 10 years and is responsible for global learning and training processes and systems. Rolf launched the global implementation of Degreed and his other projects at Bayer includes Monsanto University Integration, global SF Learning roll-out, and additional projects in China, United States, Japan, Brazil, Thailand, and Europe. On his free time, his interests are piano, shiatsu, and people.