The Manager’s Guide to a Positive Learning Culture

How can team leaders advance L&D? And why is that important? 

Managers with engaged teams can boost productivity — and a positive learning culture is key.

Whether you’re a manager with a motivated team or an L&D pro looking for new strategies to share with supervisors, our shareable quick guide can help create the right conditions for learning to flourish.

Find out how managers can:

  • Give people guidance
  • Support diverse and active learning experiences
  • Provide regular and immediate feedback
  • Create opportunities to practice and apply new skills

4 ways every manager can create a positive learning culture




“Some of the most effective learning tools are coaching and mentoring, on-the-job exercises, peer-to-peer learning and microlearning. This reflects a shift from traditional, formal learning to a more flow-of-work, continuous learning model. Companies with better employee retention are far more likely to use these kinds of tools and technologies than those where retention is weak.”





Workers who rate their managers as positive are 515% more likely to have discussed career goals or growth opportunities
Engage your people and help grow your business
Motivate your people by helping them understand what to learn for their current roles and future career steps