How Mastercard Drove Business Through a Culture of Innovation and Learning

Priceless Progress:

In 2010, disruptive innovations and ambitious startups threatened the position that Mastercard held in the payment processing industry. In response, CEO Ajay Banga declared that Mastercard would become a technology company, not just a payments company.

After a decade under Banga’s leadership, Mastercard stock price has more than tripled. Executives say that self-directed learning to build competitive skills has been key to this surge.

Download our latest success story to learn how Mastercard used Degreed to:

  • Launch a bold pilot program for its valuable Operations & Technology division
  • Increase the average sign-ins per user by 4.5x with a more engaging platform
  • Reduce significant spending on formal training
  • Achieve 96% engagement on the platform
  • Attract support from top executives throughout the company

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