Drilling Down & Scaling Up: How Polaris Powers Personalized Learning

Polaris + Degreed

Since first inventing the snowmobile in 1954, Polaris has grown exponentially, consistently considered among the top manufacturing companies in the United States. Now expanding to international markets and growing to 11,000 employees, the company’s traditional ways of training and sharing knowledge were unable to support their global strategy, or their just-in-time learning goals. Polaris’ antiquated integration software was too scattered and the learning management system was too rigid. 

That’s when Polaris found Degreed. Now they use a single platform to ensure their workforce has growth opportunities at any time, using learning and skills data to be sure their teams have the right people with the right skills at the right time.

Download the case study to learn how Polaris:

  • Integrated and modernized all its learning platforms into one flexible solution
  • Saw over 70% activation within the first month of implementing Degreed’s LXP
  • Used advanced Skill Ratings to strengthen manager-employee relationships
  • Scaled its own internal certification program using Degreed

Download the Case Study