Right now, upskilling is a matter of survival.

Massive workforce shifts in 2020 forced countless workers to refresh their current skills — and build new ones. If you’re wondering what skills are critical to you moving forward, it depends entirely on who you are, where you work, and what you do.

We’ve organized the following data by your country, industry, and job role to help you identify where skills are most at-risk of becoming obsolete. Our aim is to help workers, team managers, and business leaders focus their limited energy and investments on developing the most urgent skills.

Among the 5,000+ workers, team managers, and business leaders we surveyed, demand is strongest for technological skills. However, they’re also looking to develop their social and cognitive skills.

  • 55% of managers and workers agree that a lack of confidence in their abilities leads to increased stress at work.
  • 41% say that this situation hinders their performance. With such results, it is clear that continuing upskilling during the crisis and in 2021 is essential. To help you identify the areas where skills are most at risk of becoming obsolete, we organize the data by country, industry and job title.

Check out the data in the Skills Status report.

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