Cultivating a Thriving Learning Technology Ecosystem

This isn’t science class. But it is the work world we live in, and you have a learning technology ecosystem at play whether you mean to or not. The question is whether you’ve built it so your people and your business can thrive. Is your ecosystem diverse? Interactive? Well-maintained? Built to grow?

You’d be surprised. The way your technologies (LMS, LXP, HRIS, etc.) work together — or don’t — can pre-determine your company’s efficiency, growth, agility, employee engagement and overall success.

This whitepaper takes into consideration the latest industry research from RedThread Research and Brandon Hall Group, as well as our very own How the Workforce Learns report to bring you an end-to-end plan for cultivating a true end-to-end user experience. You’ll explore:

  • Differences between open and closed ecosystems
  • Properties of an effective and interconnected learning tech stack
  • Best practices for auditing and mapping your current systems
  • How global companies, such as Ericsson, are maximizing connectivity and simplifying user experiences

Building Your Learning Tech Ecosystem




““[While] three quarters of organizations say that business leaders consider L&D to be either very important or critical to the success of the business... for nearly half of organizations,the right technology is not in place.”





Download the PDF for the full ebook
Download the PDF for the full ebook
Download the PDF for the full ebook