Learning Alone Doesn't Drive Business Forward. Skills Do.

Many L&D teams say they put workers at the center of their learning strategies, but what does that actually look like? According to our latest study done with Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning, workers invest 3x more time developing skills on their own as they do through company-provided resources. They’re also 67% more likely to go to their professional network rather than their companies’ learning systems to build skills.

This doesn’t mean all hope is lost. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Workers are eager to close their skill gaps — and companies have the material. To help, we’re here to show you how to align these efforts. Download our How the Workforce Learns Report to learn:

  • How to align your employees’ learning goals with larger company goals.
  • Three steps to creating a learning strategy that puts users in the center.
  • What methods your workforce is currently using to learn and develop.
  • The fundamentals of shifting to a new skills-first strategy.
  • Tips on how to infuse learning into the flow of work.

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