41% of your workforce is considering leaving this year.* Here's how to keep them engaged.

L&D leaders have a bigger opportunity than ever to improve the employee experience and worker retention by implementing a positive learning culture. But until now, learning leaders have struggled to even define learning culture, let alone build or improve one.

That’s why we asked more than 2,400 global workers what the best companies get right about their learning opportunities, and where others go wrong. Download our full report to learn the 15 things all positive learning cultures have in common — and what you can steal from them.

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The Business Value of a Positive Learning Culture


Just-in-time learning isn’t enough.

Workers in positive learning cultures are exponentially more motivated to learn when they are working towards long-term goals.

Those in negative learning cultures are nearly 90% more likely to say they do not have any learning or career goals.

Promotions matter, but they are not the only kind of mobility.

People want opportunities to grow in all directions. To create a positive learning culture, L&D teams need to offer opportunities to work with other teams, take on temporary internal gigs, and more.