How to Create an Internal Mobility Strategy (On Demand)

Skill inventory, technology and process

As more companies look for ways to streamline their business operations, and optimize their talent strategies, upskilling their existing workforce will play a critical role in re-inventing the business. While some jobs are getting transformed, newer jobs are being created. In this context, there’s a need to have a plan to move talent internally. With the right strategy, you can maintain worker morale and build greater organizational agility and cross-functional knowledge.

Key Discussion Points:

  • How to get started with a mobility strategy
  • The role of technology in scaling a learning organization
  • The value in a skill inventory

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Veena Deshpande

Veena Deshpande, Senior Director, Capgemini


"Degreed has uniquely built its own technology category from the ground up and it is a hot one. They have also provided a blueprint for what best-in-class looks like as a product and a company."

Michael Rochell

Brandon Hall Group Chief Strategy Officer and Principal HCM Analyst