The Ultimate Skill Data Handbook

Skill data doesn't have to be hard

Most HR, talent, and learning professionals are looking for new ways to be data-driven and strategic about people development. The good news is that your people are generating valuable information every day about the skills they’re building and how they relate to your larger organization. So how can you access this information? It starts with skill data.

This handbook will teach you the basics of skill data by simplifying common terminology, providing use cases, and answering FAQs. Here's what else you'll learn:

  • Different types of skill data
  • Where skill data comes from
  • The difference between good and bad skill data
  • Where skill data should be stored
  • Examples of how skill data can be used

The true secret to being data-driven is not just about accessing data. It’s about understanding how to collect, analyze, and use it effectively so you can bridge the gap between learning initiatives and your organizational goals. It sounds daunting, but this guide keeps it simple. 

Skill Data Handbook




“Skill data is the measurement of what your people can do, ideally aligned with the work that your organization needs to get done.”





Skill signal
Skill data can provide visibility into the supply and demand of your org's skills
Behavioral assessments
Only 37% of companies rated themselves highly on "insight driven maturity"